Orange wines: Tradition or modernity? by David Delgado

Day: 20 & 21 April 2024
Time: From 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Duration: 1 hour
Place: Moll de la Fusta - Decántalo Workshop Space
Age: Adults
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20 April 2024 – 17:30h
15 €
21 April 2024 – 17:30h
15 €


We will travel through time, from the origins of orange wine to the new consumption trends, in which we see how the orange wines are taking prominence. Do you want to know why? And also do it tasting a good representation of orange wines while we talk about it all? Join us, we are waiting for you! You will enjoy lost in time.


Responsible for the selection of Decántalo wines, he travels and searches among landscapes and people so that everyone can vibrate with unique wines.

Also, don't miss him, co-author of two of the wines that will be tasted at the tasting, elaborated with the friends of 4 Kilos and Comando G. A real show.


Sommelier and responsible for communication campaigns, as well as the visible face of Decántalo on Instagram.
David is pure communication, passion, pedagogy. Learning, along with fun, is assured.



Saturday 20th April from 17:30 to 18:30h

Sunday 21st April from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

The workshop is conducted in Spanish

Please remember that you need to buy your ticket to All Those Food Market to access the workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following email:

This workshop reaches adults. We do not accept any refund.

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