Ayurveda, fall and its flavors by Anjalina Chugani

Day: 5 November 2022
Time: from 11:30h to 12:30
Duration: 1h
Place: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya – Sal Maldon Corner
Age: Adultos
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5 November 2022 – 12:30h
12 €


Information about ayurveda and its 6 flavors and how they influence us through the seasons.

We will prepare a warm ginger chutney and will explain its benefits. We will also cook a sweet and savory porridge and last but not least we will prepare a warm drink that will bring balance and immunity to our body for this new transition between summer and fall.


I consider myself to be a passionate and emotive cook, connecting strongly with my Indian roots. A citizen of the world, having lived in London, Bangalore, spending numerous summers in Manila, and now residing in Barcelona with my family. I have travelled far and wide to connect with my extended family, and I believe that the best education is travel, without a doubt!

Growing up in an Indian family, it was easy to connect to my culture via my taste buds. My recipes come from memories of tastes and aromas from my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, which I am always ready and excited to share!



Saturday 5th of November: from 11:30h to 12:30

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    This workshop reaches adults.

    More information about Anjalina Chigani: www.anjalinachugani.com