Healthy deserts for curious palates by Frizzant

Day: 5 November 2022
Time: from 17:30h to 18:30
Duration: 1h
Place: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya – Sal Maldon Corner
Age: Adults
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5 November 2022 – 17:30h
10 €


During this workshop we will be making a gluten free brownie with hazelnut, cacao butter and Maldon salt on top (we will be using the normal one), during the baking time we will make our own vegan avocado, coconut and strawberry icecream to give a nice temperature contrast to the brownie. If the group is dynamic, we will also prepare medjool dates filled with homemade peanut butter and a tiny bit of Maldon salt. This is so simple but delicious, we will teach you to prepare the homemade peanut butter without adding anything. During the whole workshop we will give tips to prepare healthy pastry at home, how to replace refined sugars and change the flours for the more nutritionnal ones.


With its inauguration in november 2020, Frizzant is the result of the gathering between Sonia and Alex, who were looking for a project that would reflect their passion for yoga, hospitality and creativity. Their beginning was choosing the word frizzant, like a mantra, referring to the bubbling personality that pushed them to keep exploring, growing, learning and enjoying.

Through the concept "curious souls" they define the profile that will drive their proposal, curious people that look for unique conscious stimuli. For that, they developed their own language with the aim of defining their passion in a fresh way.



Sunday 5th of November: from 17:30h to 18:30

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    This workshop reaches adults.

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